Dependable Emergency Shut Off Valve

Shut Off Valve

Earthquakes are a reality in Torrance and the entire Southern California area. As a protective measure for your gas line, earthquake shut off valves are available for your natural gas system in case of emergencies. Shut off valves not only need to be professionally installed, but also regularly inspected and maintained for optimum performance.

When an earthquake hits, it is absolutely vital that your Torrance Emergency Shut Off Valve works every time in order to keep further damage from happening to your home or business. Rhino Rooter Plumbing is the plumbing specialists in Torrance. Our Torrance Plumber can help you with all your gas line valve installations and repairs. We also reset all valves after a major event.

How an Emergency Shut Off Valve Works

A natural shut-off valve automatically cuts off the natural gas line service in the event that an earthquake of a significant seismic level happens at your home's location. An excess flow valve automatically shuts off your gas service when a significant gas leak or overpressure surge occurs at a pipe or appliance located beyond the point where the valve is installed.

Certified Shut-Off Valve Specialists

Some cities and counties in California have very strict regulations that require shut off valves for your home or business. If you live in the Southern California area, then check your city's or county's code regulations before contacting us.

The State of California also recommends that a licensed plumbing contractor install an approved shut off valve in order to insure that it's implemented correctly into your gas line. We are a certified and licensed plumbing company in California. Since most home owners are not familiar with what type of shut valves are approved, we can help you with the entire installation process. With our valve installation service, there is no headache and no guesswork. You need to feel confident knowing that your shut off valve was installed correctly by experts who are qualified.

Valve Repair & Resetting Service

If a major earthquake triggers your emergency valve to shut-off the gas line, it's possible that you can you can reset the valve on your own. We highly recommend, however, that you contact a licensed, qualified professional from Rhino Rooter Plumbing to reset the valve for you, and also inspect your entire gas line system for any leaks. We also perform a thorough safety check of your gas appliances for loose connections or gas overload before they are turned back on. We also make sure your pilot lights operate safely. We do a full inspection of all components associated with your gas line to insure that they work properly and safely.

Our Torrance Emergency Shut Off Valve Provides These Detailed Services

  • Emergency Shut Off Valve
  • Water Shut Off Valve
  • Gas Shut Off Valve
  • Automatic Gas Shut Off Valve
  • Automatic Shut Off Valve
  • Emergency Gas Shut Off Valve
  • Main Water Shut Off Valve
  • Automatic Water Shut Off Valve
  • Earthquake Gas Shut Off Valve
  • Natural Gas Shut Off Valve
  • Earthquake Shut Off Valve
  • Auto Shut Off Valve

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