What You Need To Know About Natural Gas Safety


In California natural gas is becoming a more popular sensible choice for homeowners all across Torrance. There are numerous benefits to Natural Gas Lines. It is more affordable than conventional energy source.The appliances in your home that utilize natural gas run more efficiently and will generally last longer. Natural gas is more dependable and is easy to use. With all of these benefits it is important to keep in mind that natural gas, like any other energy source has to be handled with care and used correctly in order to insure safety in your home. Here are some useful safety tips from your Torrance Plumber.

Turn Off Your Stove

One of the most critical safety points for natural gas in your home is your stove or oven. Most natural gas stoves have knobs that emit gas so that it can be lit and create a flame for cooking. It functions very much the same way as a propane tank grill. Once the gas is released, it is absolutely essential that you light the stove. The rule of thumb is this: the more gas that is released, the greater the chances are of lighting a flame that will extend beyond the eye of your stove. In other words, you could create an explosion. Once you finish cooking, turn off your stove completely and make sure there is no gas leaking out.

Natural Gas and Children

The greatest thing you can do to keep your children safe in a natural gas is to educate them on natural gas in your home. Explain to them the dangers and show them where the 'hot spots' are in your home. Each parent must use their own discretion and judgment as to when and how they'll educate their children. Also any safety devices that you can utilize in order to keep your children from gaining access to natural gas is also highly recommended.

Earthquake Shut-Off Valve

The state of California has strict guidelines regarding a Earthquake Shut Off Valve. These guidelines include everything from purchasing safety valves, to routine maintenance, and repair or resetting your valve after an earthquake. All valve purchases must meed state, district, and city codes before installing or using them. Any company that you hire to perform any type of job on your shut-off valve must be state certified specifically for valve projects. When you contact a company make sure to ask them if they are certified and licensed to install, repair, or reset valves. It is a good idea to have your shut-off valve routinely inspected as a preventative measure in the event of an earthquake here in Torrance.

Routine Inspection & Maintenance

If you smell gas in or around your home and suspect a leak in the gas line, then call a professional natural gas technician immediately. A certified, experienced company can locate and identify any leaks in your system. Preventative maintenance is also a practical idea in order to keep any major repairs or damage from happening down the road.

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