Torrance Plumbing Advice For Coming Fall Seasons


 Taking care of your pipes before our wintertime arrives will help you to avoid frozen plumbing pipes and other problems before they can happen and cause you expensive repairs. A few preventative measures will go a long way to ensuring your water is available and ready to use this coming season.

Any plumbing pipes you have need to be thoroughly protected from all air and cold. Cold air that gets up under insulation has moisture in it, and before long the moisture will get the insulation wet. There are plenty of reasons to keep your plumbing pipes well insulated, the main of which is to protect yourself from heavy repairs.

Wrap Your Hot Water Heater Tank And Any Plumbing Pipes Near Exterior Walls

Some homeowners know to wrap the hot water heater tank with insulation made for water heater tanks. But many don't know that this will save them on energy usage. Wrapping up the tank helps to keep the heat in.

You also need to be sure you wrap all the incoming and outgoing water pipes and spigots or shut off valves to protect them from freezing temperatures if they are located near an outside wall. This way, you're not having to worry about your plumbing pipes freezing in this area.

Your water heater works continually to heat the water, so any drop in temperature of the water inside the tank will mean the heating elements turn on again to heat it up. Keeping the tank insulated helps to hold in some that heat you've already paid for. There's much more you'll need to do for your plumbing to ensure you have no problems with it this cold season.

Wrap Up Your Plumbing Pipes Well

Freezing pipes are horrible to have to deal with when you're counting on your freshwater and wastewater systems. And making matters worse, it of course has to happen when it's cold out and you need your water. Having to go to the store to get water to drink and having to borrow a neighbors bathroom is so frustrating for you and everyone in the family. That's why you want to be sure everything is buttoned up tight for the winter.

Wrap your plumbing pipes well and you should be okay. Be sure you use insulation and pipe wrap that's made for the job. Make sure the wrapping is sealed against any type of moisture or air or else the insulation materials will get wet and your wrapping project won't make one bit of difference.

If you need help with this, just call us and we'll be happy to come do a professional job for you. We help many people prep for these long cold winters. No matter your need, we're here for you this winter when it comes to your Torrance plumbing or your heating and air conditioning systems!

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