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We are Gardena's most trusted modern plumbing company. If you searching for a brand new pipe installation or are need a fixture leak repaired we offer it all. Look to the knowledgeable staff at Rhino Rooter Plumbing to handle every plumbing job with absolute precision and care. This is insures that your pipes are completely cleaned out and that all leaks have been sealed. We do more than just fix the problem. We provide long term solutions that work.

Our Gardena Plumber has several years of combined industry experience in every area of home and office plumbing. We guarantee fast, reliable service and quality industry leading products that last. When you call us, we quickly arrive, carefully pinpoint every plumbing problem, and then give you an affordable and accurate estimate. When our Plumber is done your plumbing is fixed and working like new allowing water to freely flow. There's no need tolerate leaks anymore. Try our efficient service and put our team to the test. As a home or business owner in Gardena, CA you'll be glad you did!

Reliable Emergency Repair in Southern California

If there's water all over your kitchen, bathroom, basement, or other areas of your home or office, then you have much time to sit around and wait for a technician to finally arrive. You need immediate service right now. Our plumbers are available 24 hours a day when you need plumbing done fast. We quickly get to your home or office and get right to work identifying the issue, and then fixing it fast. Although Gardena Emergency Plumbing Services can be a little more expensive, we don't overcharge you or take advantage of your situation. We provide competitive rates that stay well within your budget. We only repair the parts of your plumbing that need to be fixed, and give you dependable service. When you're in an emergency you need to hire a company that you can trust.

Dependable Drain Cleaning Service

Too often it's easy to try to fix blocked drains yourself. While this puts a temporary fix on the leak or damaged pipe, it doesn't really fix the system deep down. Oftentimes you end up wasting money on harsh, pipe-corroding products that do not work.

Our Gardena Drain Cleaning uses professional industry standard equipment that is geared toward cleaning out any pipe now matter how difficult the blockage is. We also use eco-friendly chemicals that do not eat through your pipes, but, rather, get the job done. For the most stubborn clogs we offer hydro jetter service that will take care of any item like roots and other major problems.

Leak Repairs

Have an irritating drip that refuses to get fixed? Then try our simple leak repair service. We seal all leaks on faucets, pipes, drains, tubs, showers, all fixtures, connections, and all other areas of your plumbing systems. Our Gardena Leak Repairs service provides long-term solutions to seal your system for good.

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